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UX is not UI

UI has been widely mixed with UX recently. Erik Flowers has clearly explained the difference between two saying: UX is an acronym for “user experience.” It is almost always followed by the word “design.” By the nature of the term, people who perform the work become “UX designers.” But these designers aren’t designing things in […]

Avoiding Common Prototyping Pitfalls

I value prototyping a lot. My tools of trade are Invisionapp, Keynote, Balsamiq and HTML/CSS (sometimes), but that’s are not the most important part of prototyping (though they matter). Jared Spool tells about where to focus while prototyping as to avoid the traps that reduce the effectiveness of prototyping efforts. Prototyping is rendering ideas to […]

Design Principle: Cognitive Dissonance

While re-reading Universal Principles of Design yesterday I came across Cognitive Dissonance and how it can be applied in web design to increase engagement and conversions. Though I was not familiar with the term Cognitive Dissonance but somehow we were already implementing this principles at Unmetric’s marketing site by saying: “Is your brand social enough?” […]

Secret to a Successful Web App

Along with a decent idea and great execution there’s more to the success of a web app. It’s not the features list but the simplicity and details of an app that matters. Here’s a talk by Des Traynor where he emphasizes the role of good content strategy in the success of a web app.

Simplifying Interaction

These days I’m designing in browser instead of Fireworks for a live project — Designing in browser has some solid advantages as it helps you launch quite early instead of hanging there in design revisions. Get a quick mockup together and start coding. Quick design, faster revisions and early deployment.

Improving your Calls to Action

Jared Spool talks about Calls to Action with Paul Boag: … you have to be clear on what clicking that link is going to deliver. You have to mitigate any risk, so you have to have message that says “look, we’re not signing you up to be trapped into something. This is safe.” And then […]

UX Design ≠ UI Design

Designing for User Experience involves much more work than designing User Interface. UX design begins by learning about the business model, doing user research and understanding how a service can fit into the users’ lives in a meaningful way. Thus UX design has a crucial part in defining the business strategy, providing baselines for business […]

Simplifying SlideShare Player

SlideShare to slides is what Youtube is to videos. Lots of valuable content by invaluable presenters can be found there. I’ve rebuilt the SlideShare Player following Joshua Porter’s strategy of Metrics driven design.

A usable site is like edible food

Dana Chisnell, in her presentation at UX Australia: Beyond frustration: 3 levels of happy design, explains how to get your users beyond just not hating the product and closer to not being able to live without it, it takes keen attention to the relationship your design has with the user.