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User is always right

An electronic company were testing for a new boom box they hoped to start selling. Their research included focus groups where they showed the two colour options, yellow and black. The participants were in agreement that yellow was the best colour because it is a vibrant and energetic colour. At the end of the focus […]

India need designers

The part of the world using Latin script may have enough type designers. But for the Arab world or India it is very different. More designers are needed there. — Gerard Unger, Type Designer quoted in his interview with MyFonts Gerand might be referring to only type designers here but I strongly believe that India […]

Google’s Dimension of Design

Ever wondered why Google’s website are not-so-beautiful? It’s because they have a different design strategy. A lot of designers want to increase the line height or padding in order to make the interface ‘breathe’. We delibrately don’t do that. We want to squeeze in as much information as possible above the fold. We recoganize that […]

Types of Web design

Even web design have different types. Luke Wroblewski mentioned about it in his notes on Jared Spool‘s talk: Anatomy of a Design Decision at An Event Apart. Unintentional design happens when you were paying attention to something else (like the system or process). It works when our users will put up with whatever we give […]

Make yourself presentable

Jason Santa Maria giving useful tips about preparing and presenting before audience.

Even though slides are what most people equate with “the talk,” depending on your presentation style, they are actually one of the least important aspects.