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UX is the future

How to stay on top of the competitors? This is the discussion we had recently at Unmetric. Rick Wise has the answer. Experience innovation will be a crucial components for companies seeking to remain relevant and retain customer loyalty. I strongly believe the customers can help you stay on the top but to get loyal […]

UX is not UI

UI has been widely mixed with UX recently. Erik Flowers has clearly explained the difference between two saying: UX is an acronym for “user experience.” It is almost always followed by the word “design.” By the nature of the term, people who perform the work become “UX designers.” But these designers aren’t designing things in […]

Saying “NO”

I have said “NO” to few great opportunities from Google, AOL, Intel, Groupon and few others because of my interests and priorities in life. Learn to say “NO” from my favorite designer – Jason Santa Maria. He talks about when and why to say NO, and whom to say NO.

Thanks for the offer, Groupon

Few days back I got an email from Steven Walker – Product Design Manager at Groupon – asking about working with Groupon. After Google, AOL and Intel this was another thrilling offer but it didn’t work out because of single simple reason: relocation. While I prefer working from home, these great companies need people sitting […]

Presenting iPhone mockups using Dropbox

I’ve been working on PopSurvey—An awesome survey creation app powered by simplicity—for over an year now. The best part is the survey player (patent pending) where each slide carries just 1 question. We are also making the PopSurvey player compatible for iOS and other mobile platforms using media queries. After designing the mockups for PopSurvey […]

Best source for customer feedback

How I almost ignored our single best source for customer feedback It turns out that answering our support calls has been an incredibly productive experience as well as potentially a profit center. When customers call, not only am I in a great position to help them as I understand the product inside and out, but […]

Offer from Google

Couple of weeks back I received an email from Mark Grantham — a User Experience Recruiter @Google — about working with them.

Ten Lessons from GitHub

Tom Preston-Werner cofounder of Github tells about his early (and some valuable) experiences with Github and 10 things he learnt on the way. For me, 2008 was the year that I helped design, develop, and launch GitHub. Creating a new startup is an intense learning experience. Through screwups and triumphs, I have learned some valuable […]

Read more books than blogs

I highly recommend that. Reading books over blogs gives you an in-depth knowledge for a particular subject and that too by an expert. Unlike blogs where people like me share their thoughts and ideas which may or may not be logical while in books these are not just thoughts but tested, proved practices. Blogging is […]

A Better Web Designer

Being a self-employed web designer I’ve had chance to work on many projects demanding different skills other than just Visual design and HTML/CSS. These projects required additional knowledge of User Experience (UX) Design, Usability and IA which pushed me to learn more and be a better designer.