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Typographic Design in the Digital Domain

“The way to design is the same, you give content form.” Erik Spiekermann talks with Elliot Jay Stocks about how typography is used in the digital domain and what digital designers can learn from traditional print techniques. Must watch.

Jobs-to-be-Done framework

I am fan of following rules (and breaking them whenever required) and adopting time tested processes (following Lean UX lately). This is third time I’ve come across this invaluable talk on Understanding the Job. Checkout it out if you haven’t already.

Animation Basics

Lately I’m working on my CSS animations. This is really useful and beautifully explained.


Inspire yourself when in doubt.

Thinking is Painful

Great article about Thinking, Listening and Imagination: We avoid the pain of thinking like a medical examination. We’d like to believe we’re too smart to think. Thinking is stressful. While stereotypes click together sweetly, thinking comes in bitter flavors. We recur to clichés rather than reflection, because they make us wise without listening, bright without […]

Design with Empathy

It’s not about creating a portfolio piece. It’s about helping the people you now know solve their problems using your unique skills. Working this way, with real people in mind, is much better than staring at a blank canvas or whiteboard and giving it your best guess. Design is about solving problems. If you spend […]

Car UI

Stunning car UI built on some basic but very important User Interface Design principles.

UX is the future

How to stay on top of the competitors? This is the discussion we had recently at Unmetric. Rick Wise has the answer. Experience innovation will be a crucial components for companies seeking to remain relevant and retain customer loyalty. I strongly believe the customers can help you stay on the top but to get loyal […]

Designing UI/UX using Job Stories

I have had a tough time creating personas and user stories (as they depend upon personas). Here comes the job stories and they really seems to be better alternative. Alan Klement describes how to create effective job stories: Start with the high level job. Identify a smaller job or jobs which help resolve the higher […]

Make things people want

Interesting read with proven examples how focusing on real problem makes a product successful. The problems people encounter in their lives rarely change from generation to generation. The products they hire to solve these problems change all the time. Read the article