@Woork: Logo is a unique element

I have an affinity towards looking into details for good design and markup techniques. Very often, I check popular sites to analyze their approach. Woorkup is one of the 10 blogs I check more than twice a week. It publishes some really nice articles and has an interesting layout. But I’ve never liked its navigation design. To me it feels that sub navigation elements are dependent upon main navigation elements. While I was checking this, something weird came to my notice. The site logo is not a unique element in header but. I’m sure you won’t be able to guess how they have marked up the logo! it’s a background image assigned to #nav.

#nav { background:url("images/logo.jpg") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent; ... }

That’s really weird! And Mr. Lupetti should notice that. I also wrote about Woorkup’s design last year.

Existing Woorkup.com header

woorkup header

Revised Woorkup.com header using Firebug

revised woorkup-header

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