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Inspired by

Every designer is inspired by some other designer—better or more experienced. Inspiration is must to keep us moving forward and keep trying to produce better results. Without inspiration, sometimes we get stuck when ideas stop falling. Every designer should be prepared for such situation.

I’m back

Last Friday I came back home from Canada after almost 4 long months. It is sooner than expected. My friends and family never thought I would come any sooner because people, here in Punjab, are crazy about abroad. But I have different priorities and prefer family, friends and comfortable life above money.

Mau Method

Ask the right questions, understand the problem, and explore lots of possible solutions.

— Bruce Mau


Recently two big design community sites have been redesigned, (earlier and Smashing Magazine, very popular sites among designers. Smashing magazine redesign has disappointed me but I am glad to see the new face of Design is really cool and clean. However I think there are some following usability issues.

Learn, then earn

Money drives most of things in this world. Everybody wants to start earning as soon as possible, without even being eligible. One must know when he has learn enough, and when his skills should reap the yield.

iMac Stand

In a couple of weeks I’m going to India and need to take my beautiful iMac with me. But I am little conscious about its transportation. Whether to ship it via FedEx (very expensive) or take it as my luggage (better idea). Finally I decided to take it in my luggage.