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I Love Reading

In last couple of years I’ve discovered my love for webdesign books. I have learnt a lot from some really good books and blogs. Living in India, you don’t find any design workshops and good designers to talk to and learn from. One has to rely on books, rather than ebooks I would say, because Amazon doesn’t take online orders from my country :(.

An Event Apart – 2009

I would love to attend a web conference some day. There is lots of stuff to learn, even from somebody’s notes. Luke Wroblewski, design lead for Yahoo!, has published some valuable stuff from invaluable talks from great speakers at An Event Apart.

Helvetica vs. Arial

Today I took interesting quiz: “So you think you can tell Arial from Helvetica?” hosted by Ironic Sans. It was great and I scored 19/20. I missed out at Kawasaki.

Becoming a Web designer

When I started designing for the beautiful web, I didn’t know where to start. Because in my country (India) you won’t find great designers, especially web designers. Luckily I got in touch with Klaus Komenda — a yahoo employee — who guided me on how to start learning web design.

Fireworks vs. Photoshop

Couple of years back when I started web designing after college I used photoshop as most designers do. I worked hard to learn everything about photoshop through video tutorials, blogs etc. Few months later I came to know about fireworks. I used it and it was easier to use than photoshop, plus it is designed for Web designers for prototyping and creating website/UI mockups.