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Web Form Design

Finally got Web Form Design. I have to order it from U.S. due to unavailability in Canada. After reading few page I knew I would have really missed it.

Craiglist Redesign

Wired magazine invited various designers to re-design Khoi Vinh’s design is amazing.

Make Photoshop faster

Every designer loves photoshop. I love it too. However sometimes we need it to perform better. Here’s Adobe’s article to optimize Photoshop (via) and a two-tip dedicated site by Dan Rubin.

Make yourself presentable

Jason Santa Maria giving useful tips about preparing and presenting before audience.

Even though slides are what most people equate with “the talk,” depending on your presentation style, they are actually one of the least important aspects.

iTunes 9.0 launched

iTunes 9.0 came out this week. It has some really cool features but the design is not very cool. I think Tim Van Damme had better design idea of iTunes Store than designers at Apple. Apple iStore 9.0 design PS: There is some box showing up in top right corner. I don’t know what it […]

New sites launched

Note & Point: A gallery by Cameron Moll hosting nice presentation made with Keynote (Mac) and Powerpoint (PC). Second and Park: A beautiful design by Things that are brown. Cardobserver: Gallery featuring beautiful business cards. Sushi & Robots (redesign): A beautiful redesign by young SF based designer, author and speaker. Biggest Apple clean, simple design. […]

Learning jQuery

This week I started with jQuery. I know, I know I’m very late to it, but thankfully I am onto it. Starting with an essential jQuery book: Learning jQuery 1.3 and few tutorials. Here are few links I found useful: 15 Resources to get you started with jQuery from Scratch 10 tips for writing better […]

Links this week

Hello there! This is first post of its kind and there will be lot more in coming time. I’ll be posting links of what I’ve read, learned, saw during the whole week. Useful articles & links: 12 business tips from Simon Campbell of Erskine Design, UK. Behind the Typedia Logo Design by John Lagndon (Da […]