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Less Wireframing. More Prototyping.

I’ve done both and totally agree that Prototyping wins over Wireframing. I use Keynote for former and Fireworks for latter. However, Prototyping consumes more time thus needs more budget, which is worth it. Leisa Reichelt lists 11 points why prototyping beats wireframing. Here are top 3: You’re making, not documenting. You can feel the thing you’re […]

Emerging UI Patterns

Designers are trying different UI elements to enhance user interaction everyday. Stephen P. Anderson has compiled some latest and interesting UI patterns emerging lately answering to the following question: What are the best UI elements (controls, patterns, etc.) that have cropped up in modern web sites and web apps recently? → Check the answer on […]

20 Principles of User Interface Design

Being a UI designer is much more than pushing pretty pixels. You’ve huge responsibility on your shoulders to help your audience achieve their goals easily and completely. Just like graphic design, UI design has some principles too. Joshua Porter has compiled a list of 20 such principles, that I’m trying to remember by heart. Clarity […]

Presenting iPhone mockups using Dropbox

I’ve been working on PopSurvey—An awesome survey creation app powered by simplicity—for over an year now. The best part is the survey player (patent pending) where each slide carries just 1 question. We are also making the PopSurvey player compatible for iOS and other mobile platforms using media queries. After designing the mockups for PopSurvey […]

Simplifying Interaction

These days I’m designing in browser instead of Fireworks for a live project — Designing in browser has some solid advantages as it helps you launch quite early instead of hanging there in design revisions. Get a quick mockup together and start coding. Quick design, faster revisions and early deployment.

Principles of Effective Interaction Design

Fundamental principles for designing effective User Interfaces. Effective interfaces are visually apparent and forgiving, instilling in their users a sense of control. Users quickly see the breadth of their options, grasp how to achieve their goals, and do their work. → Read the article at

UX Design ≠ UI Design

Designing for User Experience involves much more work than designing User Interface. UX design begins by learning about the business model, doing user research and understanding how a service can fit into the users’ lives in a meaningful way. Thus UX design has a crucial part in defining the business strategy, providing baselines for business […]

Simplifying SlideShare Player

SlideShare to slides is what Youtube is to videos. Lots of valuable content by invaluable presenters can be found there. I’ve rebuilt the SlideShare Player following Joshua Porter’s strategy of Metrics driven design.

Better, Faster and Flexible way to build web-apps

I love 37signals products and their work strategies. In this video Ryan Signer – UI designer and product manager at 37signals – walked through the process of how they build web-apps at 37signals. Really impressive!