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Car UI

Stunning car UI built on some basic but very important User Interface Design principles.

The Forgotten Side of Quality

Jeff Patton explains how Kano model is applied while adding features to a product: The Kano Method separates product features into general categories. The three big ones are “must haves,” like: brakes on a car (we need those); “one-dimensional” items like gas mileage on a car (higher mileage is better); and attractive quality or “delighters” […]

On Writing Interfaces Well

User Interface designers should write, and write well. Aesthetics are debatable, but writing is essential. Peel away the layers of styling and you’ll be left with words. Writing is the meat of a design, and it’s one of the hardest things to get right. Read the article

Vital Elements of the Product Design Process

Ryan Singer — product designer at Basecamp — explains a simple yet effective process of Product design. Problems with product and feature design often trace back to the initial approach. Either the problem wasn’t well defined, the concept wasn’t well defined, or – in the case of beginners and newcomers to a platform – your bag […]

UX is not UI

UI has been widely mixed with UX recently. Erik Flowers has clearly explained the difference between two saying: UX is an acronym for “user experience.” It is almost always followed by the word “design.” By the nature of the term, people who perform the work become “UX designers.” But these designers aren’t designing things in […]

Setting Type for User Interfaces

Billy Whited explains the importance and characteristics of a great typeface in UI. Good typesetting is an exercise in subtlety, and a demonstration of skill and sensitivity—to context, form, and user needs. As UI designers, it’s important to remember that our goal is not to distract users with superfluous details, but to ease the burden […]

Designing for Capability

Ryan Singer – product designer at 37 Signals – explains what is that needs more of UI designers attention, and it’s not pixel perfect design, it’s making a user capable to performing intended task. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with details when you’re designing a UI. That’s why I try to keep hold of which […]

Cognitive Science and Design

Some really useful and in-depth concepts about human perception and cognition, and its implications for designing better UI.

Secret to a Successful Web App

Along with a decent idea and great execution there’s more to the success of a web app. It’s not the features list but the simplicity and details of an app that matters. Here’s a talk by Des Traynor where he emphasizes the role of good content strategy in the success of a web app.

Rules for Using Color in Charts

There are principles, rules and best practices for everything we do. Last week while working on revising colors for graphs of Unmetric, I wanted to refresh myself and learn more about using colors in graphs. Luckily I found a brief but useful articles by Stephen Few, author of Information Dashboard Design which I read last […]