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Font-Stack rebound for Dribbble

Couple of weeks back, I received a dribbble invite from Tuhin. It’s truly an amazing resource of design ideas and inspiration. I’m already in love with it. . It’s beautifully designed by Dan Cederholm but by using better font-stack it can be enhanced even further. dribbble_ball

Context precedes Content

King of Web Standards Jeffrey Zeldman says, “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”, and very rightly so. Content is what (mostly) people use World Wide Web for and it can’t take back seat while we design a website. However, based on recent article by Jeff Croft, I […]

@Woork: Logo is a unique element

I have an affinity towards looking into details for good design and markup techniques. Very often, I check popular sites to analyze their approach. Woorkup is one of the 10 blogs I check more than twice a week. It publishes some really nice articles and has an interesting layout. But I’ve never liked its navigation […]

I Love Typography revises Font-stack

Earlier this year, I wrote a detailed article about CSS Font-stack which led lots of people to rethink about their font-stacks. I revised font-stacks of some famous websites in the article, I love typography was one of them . I tweeted @Ilovetypography about the font-stack issue, but, in disagreement they pointed me to an overstated […]

Gowalla Sign-up form

I looked up the page for the Get Started button but it was nowhere on the page. Soon I realized it’s the Sign-up they are referring to. Another thing which seems a little confusing to me is the Sign in link under Join Gowalla.


Recently two big design community sites have been redesigned, (earlier and Smashing Magazine, very popular sites among designers. Smashing magazine redesign has disappointed me but I am glad to see the new face of Design is really cool and clean. However I think there are some following usability issues.

Learn, then earn

Money drives most of things in this world. Everybody wants to start earning as soon as possible, without even being eligible. One must know when he has learn enough, and when his skills should reap the yield.