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Rules for Using Color in Charts

There are principles, rules and best practices for everything we do. Last week while working on revising colors for graphs of Unmetric, I wanted to refresh myself and learn more about using colors in graphs. Luckily I found a brief but useful articles by Stephen Few, author of Information Dashboard Design which I read last […]

Less Wireframing. More Prototyping.

I’ve done both and totally agree that Prototyping wins over Wireframing. I use Keynote for former and Fireworks for latter. However, Prototyping consumes more time thus needs more budget, which is worth it. Leisa Reichelt lists 11 points why prototyping beats wireframing. Here are top 3: You’re making, not documenting. You can feel the thing you’re […]

The Web Aesthetic

Since the Responsive Design has been introduced, we all started focusing on making websites responsive and on our way we ignored the aesthetics. At A List Apart, Paul Lloyd explores this subject and suggests how we can retain the aesthetics while being responsive. We’re embracing “responsive” but neglecting the second part: “design.” We’re replacing fixed-width […]

Designing with Personality: MailChimp redesign case study is more famous for it’s personality than newsletters. While reading Redesigning the Web by Smashing Magazine I came across the case study about redesign launched in January of 2011. It contains some vitals thoughts from senior designer, Aaron Robbs: I’m a big proponent of modernism and minimalism. If we stripped it back to […]

Story-centered Design

Now onwards I’m designing stories and not screens. Braden Kowitz explains why and how: Once you’re dealing with an app that has a dozen screens and hundreds of states, you can’t hold the whole product in your head like a poster. I noticed that our team was emailing around individual screens, talking about individual screens, […]