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Reading in 2011

I’ve always loved reading good design books. I believe they are better and reliable source of information as compared to blogs as many great people put lot of hard work to get a single book out. In 2011, I bought 40 books and managed to read just 16 as of now. Books I’ve read:  Recommended […]

Read more books than blogs

I highly recommend that. Reading books over blogs gives you an in-depth knowledge for a particular subject and that too by an expert. Unlike blogs where people like me share their thoughts and ideas which may or may not be logical while in books these are not just thoughts but tested, proved practices. Blogging is […]

Reading to Learn

Reading is not my hobby but I’ve to read as to learn. Here are few articles from my learning list: What makes a good UX designer Dashboard Design Gestalt Principles of Perception Sales: The Fail Team Should you blame your designer for poor conversion rates? Style vs. Design Inline Help Ellen Lupton Interview

Learning HTML5

HTML5 has a lot to offer and I’m trying to get most out of it. Following are the few resources I’m using to learn HTML5: HTML5 Live John Allsopp is running this live course by Sitepoint which includes 2 weeks of live classes, hands on exercise, live Q&A sessions plus dedicated private forum. Seems very […]

I Love Reading

In last couple of years I’ve discovered my love for webdesign books. I have learnt a lot from some really good books and blogs. Living in India, you don’t find any design workshops and good designers to talk to and learn from. One has to rely on books, rather than ebooks I would say, because Amazon doesn’t take online orders from my country :(.

Becoming a Web designer

When I started designing for the beautiful web, I didn’t know where to start. Because in my country (India) you won’t find great designers, especially web designers. Luckily I got in touch with Klaus Komenda — a yahoo employee — who guided me on how to start learning web design.

Web Form Design

Finally got Web Form Design. I have to order it from U.S. due to unavailability in Canada. After reading few page I knew I would have really missed it.