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All-in-one Homepage

A website homepage has been considered most important page till date as it’s believed to be the first impression of any product or company, online. Kyle Meyer—product designer at Facebook—lists 3 types of homepage layouts: Sparse, Short-form and Long-form and explains why Long-form does the best job and how: Long-form home pages aim to provide […]

Designing with Personality: MailChimp redesign case study is more famous for it’s personality than newsletters. While reading Redesigning the Web by Smashing Magazine I came across the case study about redesign launched in January of 2011. It contains some vitals thoughts from senior designer, Aaron Robbs: I’m a big proponent of modernism and minimalism. If we stripped it back to […]

Managing Productive Visual Design Reviews

Kim Culen shares tips and tricks that the visual designers at Adaptive Path use to manage effective client reviews: I like to think of the visual design as the emotional bridge between the user and interface. However, emotional responses are very personal and hard to quantify. When you are dealing with differing preferences over color, […]

20 Principles of User Interface Design

Being a UI designer is much more than pushing pretty pixels. You’ve huge responsibility on your shoulders to help your audience achieve their goals easily and completely. Just like graphic design, UI design has some principles too. Joshua Porter has compiled a list of 20 such principles, that I’m trying to remember by heart. Clarity […]