Offer from Google

Couple of weeks back I received an email from Mark Grantham — a User Experience Recruiter @Google — about working with them.

I recently received your name from a current Googler who mentioned you’d be a strong asset here. I am hoping that you might be open to exploring opportunities with Google.

Opportunity of lifetime, isn’t it? But I’ve different priorities and prefer to work independently. After working with Intel (as freelancer) for almost an year I’ve learnt a lot about working with big companies. There are some great advantages when you work with smaller clients, like:

  1. More Flexibility: Smaller clients give you respect and know that you are just like them. They understand your problems and try to help you out while being flexible on timelines.
  2. They trust you: Trust gives you confidence to try different directions while moving forward with the best possible solution. Client’s trust in your abilities and skills help you deliver a better product.
  3. You make decisions: Both client and you participate in decision making. You know your field while they know the product. Thus both rely on each other for making better decisions for better product.
  4. Better Communication: Quick and one-to-one communication happens most of the time. You get early feedback from decision making people.
  5. Quick Payments: Everybody loves upfront payments. Though smaller clients have lower budgets but they are quick to pay you before you get started.

Big clients get you big names in your portfolio which creates a feeling of confidence in you and your future clients. So, it’s always good to have some experience working with at least 1 big client and see how it works out for you. Best of luck!



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  • # Paulo Canabarro
    says on May 26

    Hey Amrinder,

    Great to hear that your work has been noticed by the big boys, and the decision you made show that you have plenty of confidence on your work.

    A lot of people are driven by money instead of doing what’s best for them, and working on your own becomes a lifestyle after some time, specially if you enjoy what you do.

    Best of luck to you!

  • # Lux
    says on May 26

    Here’s to continuing to be driven by your desire to do good work, and work on your terms.
    Obviously, being one of your small clients, I am biased and happy to continue having your talents available 🙂
    Best wishes

  • # Ankur
    says on May 30

    Hi Amrinder,

    It’s great that Your work is has been noticed by Big names like Google 🙂

    It also feels great that you enjoy working with smaller companies for good work.

    All the best.

    Keep the good work going 🙂

  • # Jaskeerat Sandhu
    says on May 31

    Hi Amrinder

    When I read this update on Facebook, I never thought you would choose not to join Google. It would have been a dream offer , if I were in your place.

    However, this page justifies your decision. As a fellow Genconian, I congratulate you for what you have achieved and also for what you are destined to achieve.

    In a way, you motivate me to follow my heart, rather than hefty Salary Packages. At this stage, I can’t promise to say “No” to a Google offer, if I get one in future, however I will surely put my efforts towards doing what I love to do.

    Thanks n All the Best !!

  • # Neel
    says on June 02

    Point taken.

    But do all big companies work in similar fashion as you said?

    And if they need you/your skills…Can’t you work on your terms with them? You can always walk out. And on the contrary who knows your new idea transform the way we ‘Google’?

    I’m not sure how important is ‘Quick Payments’ in such decisions. But what if you get all the other factors in bigger companies too?
    Facebook’s photo feature was developed by just 2 guys.If these company did not have trust and good/quality people it would become like any other.

    I appreciate your decision.

    Just thinking out loud.


  • # Amrinder
    says on June 04

    @Neel: I agree with you but prefer freedom over anything else. “Working on your terms…” might only work if you are a genius 🙂 Also Facebook and Google have different definition of design. I hope you’ve read Douglas Bowman thoughts about working with Google. I’ll too write my experience with Intel some day soon.

  • # Harsha M V
    says on June 04

    Congrats buddy. Way to go 🙂

  • # deap
    says on August 02

    What about startups?

  • # Amrinder
    says on August 02

    I love working with startups provided they have great ideas, hardworking team passionate about their work and of-course good budget 🙂

  • # Harvir Gill
    says on November 28

    I agree, starup gives you a great and unique learning experience and the independence you get there is incomparable. Boy you said no to google? 😉

    Proud of you. Stay blessed 🙂

  • # Paresh Khatri
    says on July 02

    @Amrinder its been quite a long I was hearing about you man and really wanted to contact you and want to have some talk with you 🙂 I really respect and agree with your decision because money is not only the factor at every stage 🙂 Hope to have some talk with you on some day 🙂 I am following you on dribbble and would love to have some talk with you some day may be on phone or may be on skype 🙂 till than take care and keep in touch and best of luck for more big offers in a future man 🙂