Google’s Dimension of Design

Ever wondered why Google’s website are not-so-beautiful? It’s because they have a different design strategy.

A lot of designers want to increase the line height or padding in order to make the interface ‘breathe’. We delibrately don’t do that. We want to squeeze in as much information as possible above the fold. We recoganize that information density is part of what makes the experience great and efficient. Our goal is to get users in and out really quickly. All our design decisions are based on that strategy.

— As quoted in Search Patterns: Irene Au, User Experience Designer at Google

Many people complain about Google lack of interest in (visual) design but they will agree that their products are easy to use and fulfil user objectives quite effectively. Recently redesigned header at gives a hint of Google’s increasing interest in design. Let’s hope they will make their highly usable products, beautiful.

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  • # MattCoops
    says on June 18

    To me, something that functions well IS beautiful.