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Are we adding value or just pixels?

We designers have affinity for details and love to dig deep to make pixel-perfect designs. We spend hours on those tiny details that usually go unnoticed by the target audience. Only our fellow designers and sometimes a few design obsessed clients notice those details. I’ve no doubt that details matter and must be taken care of, but what matters more is the overall User Experience.

Better, Faster and Flexible way to build web-apps

I love 37signals products and their work strategies. In this video Ryan Signer – UI designer and product manager at 37signals – walked through the process of how they build web-apps at 37signals. Really impressive!

Reading to Learn

Reading is not my hobby but I’ve to read as to learn. Here are few articles from my learning list: What makes a good UX designer Dashboard Design Gestalt Principles of Perception Sales: The Fail Team Should you blame your designer for poor conversion rates? Style vs. Design Inline Help Ellen Lupton Interview