Tags Dropdown Menu – UI Challenge

I really enjoy being a web designer because it involves problem solving more than just adding colors. Couple of weeks back Dan Cederholm posted a rebound of a dropdown menu for trendy dribbble. While scanning the comments I found a UI challenge put up by Dave Simon saying:

Dare you to do it with the tags menu… that’s a UI challenge.

Instantly I tabbed to Fireworks and started scribbling for a possible solution to Dave’s challenge. Here is what I came up with:

1. Default view showing popular tags

2. Mouse-over on item from 1st column

3. Mouse-over on item from 2nd column

4. Mouse-over on item from 3rd column

5. Mouse-over on item from 4th column

Dan replied to my shot saying that it might be an overkill for a drop-down, but I am happy with the solution and strongly believe that it’s simple just like the Happycog’s drop-down design for visitphilly.com.


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