Learning HTML5

HTML5 has a lot to offer and I’m trying to get most out of it. Following are the few resources I’m using to learn HTML5:

HTML5 Live

Sitepoint John Allsopp is running this live course by Sitepoint which includes 2 weeks of live classes, hands on exercise, live Q&A sessions plus dedicated private forum. Seems very promising package.

HTML5 with ThinkVitamin

Think Vitamin Last month, Carsonified came up with great video tutorial library covering all sorts of topics for web designers and developers. I opted in for HTML5, CSS3, design, UX and jQuery . With over 100 videos till now and 2 videos are added everyday, there is lots of interesting and valuable stuff to catch up with.

HTML5 for Web Designers

HTML5 for Web Designers Nice folks at Happy Cog finally published their first book under A Book Apart and it is right on the money. Written by Jeremy Keith and beautifully designed by Jason Santa Maria, it covers huge 900 page specifications of HTML5 briefly (in just 85 pages) and it’s easy to understand. I’m really thankful to Jeffery Zeldman and crew  for shipping it the most remote web designer of the world.

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