I Love Typography revises Font-stack

Earlier this year, I wrote a detailed article about CSS Font-stack which led lots of people to rethink about their font-stacks. I revised font-stacks of some famous websites in the article, I love typography was one of them . I tweeted @Ilovetypography about the font-stack issue, but, in disagreement they pointed me to an overstated comment under the article saying:

If John Boardley at I Love Typography specified Georgia before Cambria then I’m sure that was no accident. If a user has both Cambria and Georgia on their system then he wants them to see his site in Georgia. On the odd chance that the user has Cambria but not Georgia he’d prefer them to see it in Cambria than an anonymous sans-serif font that he has less control over.

After reading the following from the Six Revision’s recent article:

According to Web designer Amrinder Sandhu’s February 2010 article on A Way Back, the typography site I Love Typography had Cambria in its font stack, behind Georgia, which means that with Georgia’s near-99% market penetration among Windows users, virtually all of them would see it in Georgia, not Cambria. However, a check in May 2010 shows Cambria no longer in the ILT font stack.

I was convinced that some intelligent people are really giving a thought to what I have written.

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  • # steve mehallo
    says on July 24

    Hee hee.

    Also: In one of my classes, one of my students gave a presentation about stacks using your article as the example. 🙂