Gowalla Sign-up form

Today morning after reading a tweet from Veerle Pieters:

Nice Belgian design skills in the new http://gowalla.com by @maxvoltar in collaboration with @keeg, @andrewdupont.

I opened Gowalla.com to see Tim‘s input, and as per expectations, he has really done a great job. After browsing through, I landed on the Sign-up page with a few input fields for quick sign up. The last statement, just under the nice Sign-up button:

By clicking on ‘Get Started’ above, you confirm that you accept the Terms of Service.

I looked up the page for the Get Started button but it was nowhere on the page. Soon I realized it’s the Sign-up they are referring to. Another thing which seems a little confusing to me is the Sign in link under Join Gowalla. According to the placement of the labels: Join Gowalla and Already using Gowalla? Sign in, it might create doubt about the form, whether it is for Sign-in or Sign-up.


  • I would recommend moving the Sign-in label to extreme right, as shown in screenshot below.
  • Replace www.gowalla.com/users to a more user-friendly label Your URL: www.gowalla.com/username as it appears on Twitter sign-up page.
  • Replace Get Started with Sign Up which is there on the sign-up page.


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  • # Prashant
    says on March 03

    Nice suggestions.

    I think First and Last name can also be merged into just one field “Name” why two fields for users single name 🙂

    Rest I think “Terms and services” line can be placed just below “sign up” button in 11px (small) font 🙂

  • # Shivek Khurana
    says on March 04

    I would like to like to correct :
    {Replace http://www.gowalla.com/users to a more user-friendly label Your URL: http://www.gowalla.com/username}

    The actual thing is :

    (as shown in first screenshot)

    and then the username i.e.


    hence that’s pretty correct .

    Feel very free to correct me if I’m wrong .

  • # Dinesh
    says on March 06

    Im satisfied with your 2 and 3rd reasons u gave but as far as the first point is concern the existing one seems okay(I found no visual distortions) if you consider the user’s eye flow. Lets see what experts will say m waiting for more comments.
    btw nice post.

  • # Prashant
    says on March 08

    @Dinesh, “Sign In” moved to top right because on that (“JOIN”) page the call to action is “Joining” not “Sign In”. I think this is why Amrinder separated them.

    Am I right Amrinder?

  • # Amrinder
    says on March 08

    @Dinesh: @Prashant has made it clear. And at this level of expertise even this type of small issues should be questioned.