Inspire yourself when in doubt.

Tumblr committed Type Crime

Tumblr homepage is simply beautiful, minimal and to the point but they committed a type crime even in this little amount of text. Tumblr is using prime mark (a.k.a. dumb quote) instead of  closed quotation mark (or apostrophe). Ellen Lupton in Thinking with Type says: The purpose of prime marks, or hatch marks, is to indicate […]

Offer from Google

Couple of weeks back I received an email from Mark Grantham — a User Experience Recruiter @Google — about working with them.

Ten Lessons from GitHub

Tom Preston-Werner cofounder of Github tells about his early (and some valuable) experiences with Github and 10 things he learnt on the way. For me, 2008 was the year that I helped design, develop, and launch GitHub. Creating a new startup is an intense learning experience. Through screwups and triumphs, I have learned some valuable […]

Read more books than blogs

I highly recommend that. Reading books over blogs gives you an in-depth knowledge for a particular subject and that too by an expert. Unlike blogs where people like me share their thoughts and ideas which may or may not be logical while in books these are not just thoughts but tested, proved practices. Blogging is […]

Are we adding value or just pixels?

We designers have affinity for details and love to dig deep to make pixel-perfect designs. We spend hours on those tiny details that usually go unnoticed by the target audience. Only our fellow designers and sometimes a few design obsessed clients notice those details. I’ve no doubt that details matter and must be taken care of, but what matters more is the overall User Experience.

A Better Web Designer

Being a self-employed web designer I’ve had chance to work on many projects demanding different skills other than just Visual design and HTML/CSS. These projects required additional knowledge of User Experience (UX) Design, Usability and IA which pushed me to learn more and be a better designer.

Conversation with a Comment Form

Me: Hey, I want to say something.

CF (Comment Form): Wait, what’s your name?

Me: I’m Amrinder and I’m trying to say… [interrupted]

CF: What’s your email address?

Me: … it’s So I was saying that… [interrupted]

CF: Do you have a website? If yes, what’s the URL?

Me: … yes, I have but… anyway it’s

CF: Now please leave your comment.

Me: Ohk, I was saying that… your article is… good. Actually there was something else in my mind which I forgot…

This was my conversation with a comment form.

Single input login form

While designing login page for Intel, I had an opportunity to think about reducing login inputs with intentions of making things simple. Though the login form is already simple with just few inputs, I was thinking if they can be further reduced. I believe, yes.

Tags Dropdown Menu – UI Challenge

I really enjoy being a web designer because it involves problem solving more than just adding colors. Couple of weeks back Dan Cederholm posted a rebound of a dropdown menu for trendy dribbble. While scanning the comments I found a UI challenge put up by Dave Simon. I accepted it gladly.

Font-Stack rebound for Dribbble

Couple of weeks back, I received a dribbble invite from Tuhin. It’s truly an amazing resource of design ideas and inspiration. I’m already in love with it. . It’s beautifully designed by Dan Cederholm but by using better font-stack it can be enhanced even further. dribbble_ball

Context precedes Content

King of Web Standards Jeffrey Zeldman says, “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”, and very rightly so. Content is what (mostly) people use World Wide Web for and it can’t take back seat while we design a website. However, based on recent article by Jeff Croft, I […]

@Woork: Logo is a unique element

I have an affinity towards looking into details for good design and markup techniques. Very often, I check popular sites to analyze their approach. Woorkup is one of the 10 blogs I check more than twice a week. It publishes some really nice articles and has an interesting layout. But I’ve never liked its navigation […]

I Love Typography revises Font-stack

Earlier this year, I wrote a detailed article about CSS Font-stack which led lots of people to rethink about their font-stacks. I revised font-stacks of some famous websites in the article, I love typography was one of them . I tweeted @Ilovetypography about the font-stack issue, but, in disagreement they pointed me to an overstated […]

Gowalla Sign-up form

I looked up the page for the Get Started button but it was nowhere on the page. Soon I realized it’s the Sign-up they are referring to. Another thing which seems a little confusing to me is the Sign in link under Join Gowalla.


Recently two big design community sites have been redesigned, (earlier and Smashing Magazine, very popular sites among designers. Smashing magazine redesign has disappointed me but I am glad to see the new face of Design is really cool and clean. However I think there are some following usability issues.

Learn, then earn

Money drives most of things in this world. Everybody wants to start earning as soon as possible, without even being eligible. One must know when he has learn enough, and when his skills should reap the yield.